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Meverse – a safe space only for you.

The psychology office was created with the desire to provide easily accessible online psychological help, tailored specifically to individual needs, for anyone who needs it, regardless of their location.

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The word "Meverse" was born from the idea that each of us has a unique inner world. The world of thoughts, emotions and experiences.

In everyday life, we tend to focus mainly on what is material, what is noisy and what is around us. We often forget what lies within us at the same time. Our inner self requires just as much attention and care from us as all the other external matters we deal with on a daily basis.

Meverse Psychology Office is a space designed only for you and your needs. A place to freely share your thoughts and feelings. A space to discover yourself, overcome difficulties you encounter and introduce changes to your everyday life that will make you feel better over time!

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Psychologist | CBT Clinician under the process of certification

Karolina Etmańska

Following the idea that each of us has our own unique inner world of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences, I dedicate my work to develop the individual potential of each one of my clients. I believe that each of us have what is necessary to improve our life situations, to find ourselves and to achieve our goals. I see my role as a psychologist as being a companion in the process of building yourself and overcoming the difficulties you encounter.

I select therapeutic methods and techniques individually. I mainly use elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, which has the core belief that our thoughts, emotions and behaviors influence each other, and our well-being depends to a large extent on how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. I also like to integrate ACT techniques (acceptance and commitment therapy) and solution-focused therapy into my work, which emphasizes the search for resources and is aimed to improve the client’s situation as quickly and effectively as possible.


I am a psychologist, graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (specialization: clinical psychology and psychotherapy). I am currently undergoing a certification process in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy at the American based – Beck Institute. Additionally, I have completed the first level of study in solution-focused therapy at the CTSR center in Warsaw (a school accredited by the Polish Association of Solution-Focused Therapy Therapists).

I subject my work to supervision. I am a supporter of the belief that a psychologist’s development never ends and therefore I often participate in various courses, trainings and workshops.


In addition to running a private practice at the Meverse Psychology Office, I also work as a volunteer at ProCivium Association, which works for people who are struggling with stigmatization and social exclusion, and at Telefon Pogadania Association – a support line for lonely people.

My previous professional experiences include, among others, completing a clinical internship at Karol Jonscher Clinical Hospital in Poznań and internships in several private psychology offices. Additionally, I was involved in numerous volunteer activities:

-PSSIAP Association; organization of workshops promoting mental health, assistance in organizing scientific conferences,

-Little Brothers for the Poor Organization; psychological support for lonely elderly people,

-Euphoria Europe; conducting several-day series of workshops for mental health prevention – IMPACT,

-Istanbul&I; organization of events to minimize problems with adaptation to a new environment and the feeling of alienation among foreigners living in Turkey.

I always put the priority to my client’s well-being and to their individual needs.

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