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What kind of psychological support you can receive?

Online psychological consultations

Psychological diagnosis


Online therapy

What do online sessions with a psychologist look like?

50 minutes

Each meeting lasts 50 minutes and takes place via video call.

Easy connection

Choose the most convenient means of communication for you. Sessions can be conducted via Skype, Teams or Whatsapp.

Full anonymity

The psychologist is obliged to maintain professional secrecy - all information regarding you is confidential and appropriately secured.

Comfortable setting

Each meeting is based on a conversation. This is a space intended only for you, your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Safe place

Connect from any place of your choice - it’s important that you feel comfortable and safe. Choose a space where you can be alone and away from other people and distractions.


 Researches show that psychological interactions via online platforms are as effective as stationary meetings in an office.


No one will see you when you come in or out of the office. You will not accidentally have an encounter with any friends or colleagues in the waiting room. 

Lower costs

You won’t be paying for transportation, tolls or parking lots. You will not waste your time in traffic jams.


If you live somewhere far from a specialist, remember that you can always bring the online psychological help to your home!

Why online psychological help?

What kind of problems we can help you with?

We help people experienceing:

Psychologist - Karolina Etmańska

In my work, I focus primarily on an individual approach to each person. I focus on building relationships based on a sense of security and understanding. I believe that “the way people start feeling better is by making small changes every day” – A.Beck, so I focus more on the present and the future. Together with the client, we develop and introduce small changes in their everyday life which gradually allow them to feel better.  We constantly monitor what works for them and what doesn’t. Accordingly we discuss the difficulties that they may be having and how to solve them.

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