Life often initiates changes that we do not choose.

Healing is about making the changes you choose.

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Psychological help begins with an initial consultation with a psychologist. You may benefit from one or more of such consultations.  These meetings are diagnostic in nature and help define the difficulties you are experiencing and the goals you would like to achieve. The most frequently used diagnostic tool is a psychological interview and conversation. Through questions and explanations, the psychologist helps you better understand your own experiences and emotions. For some people, even the first psychological consultation may turn out to be so helpful that afterwards they can feel that they have already received the help they expected and needed. For some others, on the other hand, the first meeting with the psychologist will be a gateway to begin a further therapeutic process.

Each meeting lasts 50 minutes. The cost of a psychological consultation is 50 EUR.


Crisis intervention is a form of assistance for the people who find themselves in a particularly difficult situation as a result of a sudden change in life – loss of a job, an accident, a betrayal, a bad break up, loss of a loved one. 

Psychological intervention in a crisis situation is aimed at finding a solution to a particular situation as quickly as possible, restoring mental balance and the ability to cope with the existing situation..

Each meeting lasts 50 minutes. The cost of psychological crisis intervention is 50 EUR.

Psychological help is provided to people who are facing various types of crises and difficulties in life. It may be in the form of psychological support, therapy, consultation or psychoeducation. The psychologist, together with the client, will look at the meaning of the experiences and the difficulties experienced. The psychologist will reflect on the causes and look for possible strategies that could be helpful to cope with the difficulties encountered by the client.

Each meeting lasts 50 minutes. The cost of each visit is 50 EUR.

Psychological therapy is a series of meetings aimed at achieving individual therapeutic goals. The process of starting therapy usually begins with concluding a contract with the client, specifying the rules for further work (frequency of meetings, types of interventions used, therapeutic goals and methods of their implementation). Meetings are held at a certain frequency – usually once a week or once every two weeks. This form of psychological help is dedicated mainly to people who want to work on themselves and pursue specific goals. The psychologist uses a range of therapeutic tools in his/her work, usually depending on the field in which he/she works.


Each meeting lasts 50 minutes. The cost of each visit is 50 EUR.


Client's opinions

Karolina Etmańska -

I recommend. Very good contact with the psychologist. Efficient communication and a very factual approach.


The first meetings with Mrs. Karolina made my situation better. She is very nice and attentive. I felt heard.


What's the next available appointment date?

Karolina Etmańska -

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact me via phone: +48 505 002 061 or via email:

You can make an appointment by phone, by sending a message or simply register online via the appointment calendar.

You can pay after completing the online meeting. Payment method: bank transfer. After the consultation, you will receive a message with details for making the payment.

If you make an appointment through the online calendar, you will receive confirmation of the reservation practically at the same time. In the calendar, only the free dates are shown as available, so by selecting a time  from there – you can be sure that your meeting will be confirmed.

When registering by phone, text or email, firstly your preferred date and time will be checked for availability and then you will immediately be contacted for confirmation or a proposal of another day or time.

The online meetings can be held using the application of your choice from Skype, Teams or Whatsapp. You will be asked about the preferred application after you make an appointment.

It all depends on the reported problem. Psychological consultations usually take 1-3 sessions. The approximate number of therapeutic meetings is determined by the psychologist at the beginning of the cooperation with the client. Usually it is a minimum of 8-10 meetings. The most important goal is to effectively help and to improve the client’s quality of life. For this reason, the psychologist together with the client will monitor the entire process of cooperation, introducing necessary changes such as the number and the frequency of meetings.

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