Psychological services priceing

Psychological consultation online – 50 EUR

50 minutes

Psychological therapy online – 50 EUR

50 minutes



Payment method – bank transfer

How to make a transfer:

You can pay immediately after the consultation:

1.) In the transfer title, enter: online session + your name and surname and the date of the consultation.

2.) Account number:  79 1020 4649 0000 7902 0292 0510

3.) That’s all, thank you for your trust.

Cancellation policy

Confirmation of the time and day of the visit – by phone, e-mail or via the electronic calendar platform, is tantamount to confirming the appointment. The scheduled date can be canceled or postponed no later than 24 hours before the consultation or session. If the visit is canceled later than 24 hours before the meeting, the payments made will not be refunded and clients who have not paid for the visit will be asked to pay for the canceled meeting.

Company data

Karolina Etmańska Meverse Psychological Office

NIP | Registy number in Poland: 8411737077

+48 505 002 061

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